Be an Advisor

Providing a rich environment for Solvers to grow in

Advisors are Selected Specifically for each Cohort

The advisors selected for each cohort fill a specific role, and give advice pertaining to that role to each team in the cohort (ex. engineering design and implementation advisor will be used by all teams for mentorship in that area)

How it works:

The SolverX Program

Bringing together Solvers with unique skills and perspectives to solve specific problems

You become a Solver by being accepted into a SolverX program. Each SolverX program is focused on solving for a specific problem based on our partner’s pain points. Solvers for the cohort are carefully selected for their different skill sets, backgrounds, experience and expertise in areas that apply to the problem, and for fit with the culture and values of SolverX.

The Solvers selected for each cohort bring specific expertise applicable to creating a new company around the program’s unique IP. Past Phase 1, SolverX is a competitive team program, which is why Solvers are selected with different skillsets. This allows them to build well-rounded teams groomed for success.

Solvers, from every field, are selected for the following:

Skill Set

We provide Advisors with

Equity in the Startup100%
A Network of Solvers and Partners100%
SolverX Advisor Title100%

Phase 1


Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Skills

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Phase 2


Team Up & Develop Idea

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Phase 3


Build the Best Solution

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The Success of the Cohort is Directly Related to the SolverX Advisors

Immediate Advisory Needed in Many Areas: Engineering, Marketing, Programming, Sales, Design, Project Management, Big Data, Research, etc

Future Advisory Needed in: Medical, Renewable Energy, Software, Hardware, etc

Do you like a challenge, want to advise new entrepreneurs, and have expertise to offer a the Solver teams?

The SolverX Program needs you!

Provide Strategic Feedback

Solve Meaningful Problems

Earn Startup Equity

Give Valuable Advice

Phase 1

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learn the nuts and bolts of business, and gain an understanding of IP and technology as it pertains to the problem.

All cohort members who complete the curriculum and requirements will move onto Phase 2.

Phase 2

A concept paper will be put together by each team detailing the best way to solve the problem for our corporate partner by leveraging the IP provided.

There will be a judging round at the end of Phase 2 to select which teams will enter the Product Phase.

Phase 3

Teams will develop their concepts into a MVP at a rapid pace using our corporate partner's inputs as the voice of the customer.

There will be a judging phase at the end of Phase 3 to determine the team that will be chosen to become a funded startup.

How the Ecosystem Works

Universities have amazing inventors. Corporations need amazing innovations. Solvers develop University IP into a usable solution Corporation's want to buy.

SolverX is bringing together stakeholders that mutually benefit from the partnership

University partners benefit by accelerating IP developed into a commercial product

Corporate partners benefit by onboarding an innovative technology that addresses their needs without having to do the development internally

Solvers benefit by gaining entrepreneurial skills, startups experience, and equity while competing to become startup founders

Investing partners benefit by increasing their investment success rate and rate of return

Advisors benefit by earning equity in the startup and gaining access to the SolverX network