Corporate Partner

Let us solve your pain points

Be at the forefront of innovation

The SolverX program builds a competitive solution for our Corporate Partner's pain point by leveraging innovative IP. Your valuable inputs serve as the voice of the customer and are pivotal to guiding development.

Building an innovative solution takes resources. Alignment to the problem is one of those resources.

SolverX supplies the rest
Culture that Supports Innovation100%
Solution that is Ready to Pilot100%
Talent with the Right Skillsets100%
Funding for Development100%
Innovative Work Environment100%

If you have a pain point we will solve it

We're here to solve real problems via our partnerships: commercializing IP for our University Partners, solving pain points for our Corporate Partners, and recruiting talented solvers who drive investment returns for our Investing Partners.

Flexible Partnership Levels

We want to work with you
Client Partner
Inform Product Development
  • Partner Responsibilities:
  • Letter of Intent
  • Time Commitment
  • Partner Benefits:
  • Solution Ready to Pilot
  • Funding for Development
  • Talent with Right Skill Sets
  • Resources that Support Innovation
Minority Stakeholder
  • Partner Responsibilities:
  • Financial Investment
  • Time commitment
  • Partner Benefits:
  • Client Partner Benefits
  • Minority Equity Stake
  • Exclusivity in Designated Market for 1 Year Post Launch
  • Buy Out Option at a Set Price

Be at the forefront of new innovation

Your goals are unique. As a part of the SolverX ecosystem we all win and achieve our goals.