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We are De-Risking Early-Stage IP Investment

Let us increase your investment rate of return and success rate

You invest, and SolverX does the rest

Here is how we build 4x faster at 1/10th the cost:
Guaranteed First Customer, Traction100%
High-Potential IP in Partnership with Universities100%
New, Effective Team100%
Financial Results in 4 Month Window100%
Multiple Iterations of Product100%
Work, Build, and Test Space for Cohort100%
Vetted Advisors Curated to the Specific Problem100%

Rapid Innovation, Rapid Returns

SolverX is removing the risk from developing early-stage IP for the advancement of human society. Our cohort model uses rapid, parallel product iteration to build a pilot-ready MVP 4x faster than a typical startup. Initial traction is guaranteed with the initial client relationship already established with our corporate partner.

Invest in the SolverX Model

Each SolverX program builds a startup with a competitive commercial solution for our Corporate Partner's pain point by leveraging defendable, innovative IP. To solve the problem, we build founding teams, run a competitive program with parallel product iteration, and launch the winning solution complete with a first customer, traction, advisors, and funding.

We De-Risk Your Investment

Team to Problem Fit

Rapid Product Development

Outcomes and Traction

Paying Customer

We Pay Back the Principal and Create Returns in a Short Period

Flexible Partnership Levels

We want to work with you

Be at the forefront of new innovation

Your goals are unique. As a part of the SolverX ecosystem we all win and achieve our goals.