University Partner

Over 44,000 Academic Patents Filed since 2015

Let us commercialize your university's high potential IP

Building a successful business takes resources. IP is one of those resources

SolverX supplies the rest
Talent Recruitment100%
Competitive Prototype Iteration100%
Funding to Further Develop IP100%
Commercial Partner100%
First Customer for IP100%

If you have high potential IP, we will develop it

We're here to solve real problems via our partnerships: commercializing IP for our University Partners, solving pain points for our Commercial Partners, and recruiting talented solvers who drive investment returns for our Investing Partners.

Be at the forefront of innovation

The SolverX program builds a competitive commercial solution for our Commercial Partner's pain point leveraging your university's innovative IP. Your valuable IP, serving as the backbone of development, is pivotal in the development of a successful SolverX program. Our University Partner provides

Inventor Input

Defendable IP

Work Space for Program

Access to Alumni

University Resources


Be at the forefront of new innovation

Your goals are unique. As a part of the SolverX ecosystem we all win and achieve our goals.